Leather Upholstery Repair in Lawai, HI

When you purchase a leather chair you make a big investment and you want that investment to last. But over time even a quality leather chair will wear out and you will want to replace it or repair it.

Before you go and spend a lot of money on replacing a leather chair, you should try to fix it when possible. This would be where upholstery repair comes in and where it can be effective in saving money.

Some people think that they have to bring their leather furniture to a professional but really it is possible to do it on your own as well. So it is worth trying before you spend a lot on bringing it to someone else to do.

First add some water and soap into a bucket of warm water and prepare it for washing just like you would most other types of washing. Then place the scrub brush into the soapy water and get ready to scrub much the same way as if you were getting ready to clean any piece of furniture.

Now use the brush on the leather in an even fashion remembering to get every part of the leather furniture and not leaving anything untouched. leather upholstery repair in Lawai, HI. Then use a scouring pad to pick up anything left behind and when finished, wipe everything off with a cloth.

Using a little bit of alcohol, you can continue to rub down the leather until it has a nice shine and a great clean look. This will remove some of the chemicals and other things that the water couldn't get.

Take some sandpaper and start sanding down the leather to help with the dye and make sure to do this thoroughly and completely. Now the new dye is ready for application and you should be certain that you have the color that you want because it will be hard to undue it once it is done.

So take the preparatory dye and apply that until it looks even on the surface and suitable to apply the new dye which will be the new color of the furniture. leather upholstery repair in Lawai, HI. The new dye will begin to settle and then you will want to apply the sealer.

Then spray the new dye evenly and cleanly on the surface until it is fully covered the way that you want it to be. Then let it dry and begin to enjoy your new look and the perfectly dyed leather furniture.

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